Epoproff epoxy floors

Playground coatings

Epoproff OÜ has completed training for coatings made for children’s playgrounds in the Conica factory in Switzerland and has started installing them in Estonia. When it comes to playgrounds, we think the ‘soft landing’ principle is crucial. Children want to have carefree playtime, and they need a flooring that ensures safety even if they should fall. Thanks to its special properties, the CONICA coating made especially for playgrounds makes for a softer landing after a fall and therefore decreases the risk of injuries.

In addition, a wide range of colours provides designers with creative freedom, and resistance to UV-radiation prevents colours from becoming dull. The floor is durable and complies with international standards.

Child-friendly coating solution for playgrounds

Coniplay coating solutions for outdoor playgrounds are tested with regard to possible falling heights. The higher the structure, the thicker the normative test coating. Different test thicknesses are necessary for minimising the possible injury to a child when they fall from a risky structure. The range of Coniplay EPDM rubber granules is very diverse.

We offer 22 colours, which allows architects to create a colour solution that is ideal for the environment and liked by children. Coniplay coating solutions for playgrounds are mechanically durable and suitable for our climate. Since the coating is water-permeable, the playground is ready to be used right after it has stopped raining if the material is installed correctly. Coniplay’s coating solutions are inspected and certified in accordance with standard EN:1177.


We use high-quality SBR rubber to create the sublayer of Coniplay playgrounds. We do not use recycled rubber that is dusty and not suitable for the sublayer. High-quality SBR stays elastic for long years of use.

We use EPDM vulcanized rubber for creating our colourful top coating. We do not use non-durable SBR rubber. High-quality EPDM rubber retains its beauty for long years of use. We use high-quality single-component polyurethane adhesive Conipur 332 as binder. Quality adhesive ensures the elasticity of the coating during use, especially in the long term.

Installation prerequisites

The Coniplay coating solution is water-permeable. To achieve that, a high-quality gravel base must be built. Stones with a diameter of 10-15 mm should be used for the last layer of the gravel base. We recommend surrounding the playground with kerbs or a suitable frame. The gravel base should stay below the upper edge of the kerb by the thickness of the ordered coating.

We will build the coating to be level with the surrounding kerbstones in order to prevent falling. Outdoor temperature must be at least +14 degrees Celsius and air humidity up to 70% to install the materials.

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