Epoproff epoxy floors

Epoxy floors

Epoxy floors are monolithic, easy to maintain, colourful, durable, practical, exclusive and comply with all requirements and directives of the European Union. Thanks to these properties, epoxy floors are widely used in industrial, service and production spaces. If you are looking for a company that can install even the most complex and high-quality epoxy floor, you are in the right place!

Epoxy varnish, Epoxy paint

Layer thickness 0.1-0.2 mm. Epoxy paints and varnishes cover concrete with a protective, easily maintained and dust-free layer suitable for rooms with light loads, for example, utility rooms, boiler houses, pumping stations, substations and storage facilities with light loads. Epoxy varnish covers concrete with a strong transparent layer of varnish, which creates the look of wet concrete. Epoxy paints can be coloured according to all colour charts. When worn, floors covered with epoxy paint or varnish can be renewed or covered with a thicker and more resilient coating.

Price: 10 – 20 EUR / m²

Self-levelling epoxy coating

Layer thickness 0.5-2 mm. Self-levelling epoxy coatings are perfect for rooms with heavy loads. The thicker the layer, the stronger and more durable the floor is. We usually install self-levelling epoxy coatings in storage facilities, garages, stairwells and production and service rooms. We recommend choosing the thickness of the layer based on loads and requirements. If desired, coloured chips can be added to self-levelling coatings to make the floor even more decorative. All coatings can be roughened according to your wish. Self-levelling epoxy coatings are available in all tones according to colour catalogues.

Price: per 1 mm 15 – 25 EUR / m²

Self-levelling polyurethane coating

Layer thickness 1.5-2.5 mm. Self-levelling polyurethane coatings are suitable for surfaces with a substrate of plywood, asphalt, etc. They create a slightly rubbery coating, which plays well with the substrate. It is similar to self-levelling epoxy coating in its other properties.

Price: per 2 mm installation 20 – 30 EUR / m²

Epoxy sand anti-friction coating

Layer thickness 3-4 mm. These coatings are used for covering floors that must withstand large mechanical and chemical stresses, for example, in industrial enterprises, repair shops, professional kitchens and other similar spaces. We have installed epoxy sand anti-friction coatings in garages, terraces, balconies and outdoor stairs of homes. The durability of the coating can be improved through the application of an even thicker layer (for example, a 6 mm anti-friction coating). We can roughen it according to your requirements. The tone depends on the chosen sands. We offer a wide variety of coloured sands.

Price: per 4 mm installation 25 – 35 EUR / m²

Epoxy bulk coating

Layer thickness 2-3 mm. Epoxy bulk coatings are used in places where the coating must be rough yet durable, for example, in restaurant kitchens, balconies, stairs and the food industry. When we use acrylic (i.e. quick epoxy) as a binder, we can finish the floor in a day and the floor can be used on the same day. This coating is perfect for the front steps of private houses or apartment buildings, balconies and places where activity must be able to resume quickly.

Price: per 3 mm installation 25 – 35 EUR / m²

Stone flooring

The thickness of the layer is 6-18 mm, depending on the chosen stones and their size. Stone flooring is unique, exclusive and original. The gaps between stones can be filled with epoxy varnish to make maintaining the floor easier. Stone floorings are mostly used in official spaces like car salons, sales halls, shops and restaurants. They are also widely used in bathrooms, saunas, toilets, entrance halls, balconies, terraces and the stairs of private houses. We offer a wide variety of granite and natural stones.

Price: 50 – 150 EUR / m² (depending on the size of the stones and the varnish filling)

Antistatic epoxy coating

Layer thickness 2 mm. This coating is used in industries where static electricity should not be present (e.g. the electronics industry and operating rooms). It looks similar to self-levelling epoxy coating with small wires mixed in to lead static electricity in the floor towards earthing cables.

Price: 35 – 50 EUR / m²

Chemical-resistant coating

Layer thickness 6-9 mm. Made especially for floors in spaces where acids, alkalis and other chemicals are handled. Also withstands great loads. Used in the food, metal and chemical industries.

Price: 65 – 130 EUR / m²