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Epoproff OÜ is a company operating since 2009, whose main field of activity is the sale, installation and renovation of epoxy floors. We have 20 years of experience and use only quality epoxy resins from well-known manufacturers such as Tikkurila, Conica, Remmers, Caparol, Epokate, so our installed epoxy floors are particularly durable, can withstand heavy loads and at the same time very easy to maintain and decorate. In addition, we have attended various trainings at the Conica factory in Switzerland, which gives us certificates and special competence in the installation and maintenance of various epoxy floors.

Epoxy floors

Epoxy floors are monolithic, easy to maintain, colourful, durable, practical, exclusive and comply with all requirements and directives of the European Union. Thanks to these properties, epoxy floors are widely used in industrial, service and production spaces.

If you are looking for a company that can install even the most complex and high-quality epoxy floor, you are in the right place!

Decorative epoxy floors

With a unique design floor, it is possible to give the room a completely new identity. Decorative epoxy floors are available in different colors and patterns.
It is also possible to fully personalize with an image or pattern of your choice.

In public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and commercial premises, the uniqueness helps to highlight the floors in a completely different way and add more “vunki” to the space. The design floor also brings freshness to the classroom or corporate lobbies and meeting rooms, as well as to the floors of private houses and service rooms.

Epoxy varnish, Epoxy paint

Self-levelling epoxy coating

Self-levelling polyurethane coating

Epoxy sand anti-friction coating

Epoxy bulk coating

Stone flooring

Antistatic epoxy coating

Chemical-resistant coating

Oiled concrete

Mixed floors

Picture floors

Freehand pattern

Solvent pattern

Artistic epoxy floors

Template pattern

Epoxy floors with flakes