Epoproff epoxy floors

Decorative epoxy floors

With a unique design floor, it is possible to give the room a completely new identity. Decorative epoxy floors are available in different colors and patterns.
It is also possible to fully personalize with an image or pattern of your choice.

In public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and commercial premises, the uniqueness helps to highlight the floors in a completely different way and add more “vunki” to the space. The design floor also brings freshness to the classroom or corporate lobbies and meeting rooms, as well as to the floors of private houses and service rooms.

Oiled concrete

Oiled concrete gives the room a pleasantly rough and uncut look – just as it is fashionable today. With the help of such technology, the unique scratches, cracks and pores of the floor can be emphasized and a surface painted with an artistic unevenness can be easily obtained. The oiled concrete floor is perfect for exhibition halls or loft-type venues, for example. The desired result is obtained by varying the mixing ratio of shade and product.

Mixed floors

The mixed floor gives the floor surface depth and structure. The mixed floor is made by pouring different shades of epoxy resin on the floor and then spreading the spots with an adhesive comb so that the colors are partially mixed. The bolder the combination of colors, the stronger the pattern. If you use different shades and mix less, you can create a calmer floor. The strong-colored seafloor could be suitable for a spa lobby, for example, or even for a nightclub, shop, shower room or office using a different color combination.

Picture floors

We have developed a flooring solution that allows the customer to send us a picture and we will put the same picture on their floor. Images can be anything from nature to people and buildings. If you want your floor to look like the skyline of New York or the Amazon rainforest, then you can get the floor you need with exactly the right look. Picture floors suitable for any place where you want an exclusive and unique floor.

Freehand pattern

The floor made with a freehand pattern is a joint work of art by the designer and the performer, where both handwritings can be seen. The most effective end result is created by large simple patterns, the shape and size of which are well set in advance in relation to the floor surface. With a freehand pattern, you can, for example, divide large open spaces into different parts, pay attention to certain parts of the space, and mark shopping center or hospital routes. The color tones create great contrasts and, for a change, calmer wholes. The width of the line can be adjusted with special watering cans. This work requires great care, but certainly praises the doer.

Solvent pattern

An effective, stone-like floor pattern is created with the help of a solvent. The solvent is sprayed with a spray bottle or garden sprayer, and by adjusting the size of the droplets, it is possible to change the size of the pattern on the floor. The solvent-patterned floor “caresses” the eye even when it is a large surface. The pattern forms a peaceful whole that decorates both large public spaces and small cafes.

Artistic epoxy floors

Template pattern

Such a floor is well suited, for example, for companies that want to highlight their company logo and, why not, on their beautiful floor. In addition, with the help of stencils, you can create various more and less abstract patterns, which will definitely create a new breath in your business space or private house.

Epoxy floors with flakes

The flaked epoxy floor is ideal for a room where the floor must be slightly rough and at the same time easy to clean. Flakes are available in many different shades, which can be mixed together to get unique solutions to suit different tastes. If you feel that your office, home or service space needs more glitter, then this solution is for you.

Colour charts